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How to Survive the Mental Health Epidemic

As we look around us, everything is changing. Unrelenting stress, turmoil, and grief have pushed mental health awareness to the forefront. The physical risks, daily disruptions, uncertainty, social isolation, financial loss, etc. have increased the demand on mental health professionals and front-line workers.

Our nation is in the middle of a mental health epidemic, so now we must keep our already overworked mental health practitioners and front-line workers from burning out, giving up and walking away. Below are 7 survival strategies to implement today:

  1. Awareness – recognize the signs of burnout such as fatigue, loss of hope, or decline in work performance. Notice if you have tension in your body, clenching your teeth, jaws and or slouching.

  2. Set Emotional Boundaries – Say no to tasks you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do and drop the guilt and responsibility for others.

  3. Self-compassion-Speak kindly to yourself

  4. Add something joyful to your daily routine

  5. Laugh at your mistakes

  6. Cultivate Healthy Friendships Outside of Work – leaves you feeling energized, engaged, and productive

  7. Keep A Reflective Journal – Take time to look at a stressful situation with a reflective mind.

Helping others is great, but you must have something to give. In other words, if we want to care for others, we must first ensure that we are appropriately caring for ourselves. Because we are people, not machines, our emotional and psychological states can leave us with nothing to offer. For more information and resources to refill the well for your office or yourself, please visit

To Your Health and Prosperity,


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