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Training the Trainer

The past 2 years has provided us with the flexibility to facilitate successful in person and virtual workshops. Attendees, whether they are in-person or remote, engage and participate in discussions during workshops.

Here are three things I’ve learned facilitating workshops over the past several years: I’ve learned that you can plan all you want, but sometimes the most important thing you can do is to show up, remain present, and be open to what comes your way. I’ve learned that as a facilitator you need to be open to different styles and perspectives in order for your ideas to come through authentically and not get lost in someone else’s voice. I’ve learned that allowing personal stories (with boundaries to keep everyone safe) to enter the workshop helps participants engage on a deeper level. If you’ve been considering creating your own workshop content or feeling stuck in your process, our Train the Trainer Workshop Planning Template is a great resource to help you plan, prepare, and deliver an impactful workshop.

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