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What Do You N.E.E.D?

What do you NEED?

Someone ever ask, “what do you need” and you struggle with the answer?

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you feel like you need everything and nothing?

During your next break, try the following self-check-in exercise to gauge what you may N.E.E.D in the moment:

Nap- Do I feel tired?

Eat-Do I feel hungry? When was the last time I ate? What did I eat today?

Exercise- Have I engaged in any type of movement today? What type of movement could be helpful for me? (stretching, walking, high intensity, YOGA)

Decompress- Do I feel any sensations in my body that may be causing stress? (back pain, neck pain, stomach pain, faster paced breathing)? Am I experiencing any unsettling thoughts or intense emotions that are making it difficult for me to get centered?

· What can you do in this moment to address this N.E.E.D?

· Who can help you?

· How can you help you?

Please keep your cup full and serve from the overflow. You being exhausted, overwhelmed, and burned out won’t help anyone.

Vitamin C Healing Resources:

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To Your Health and Prosperity,


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