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How Can I Prevent Compassion Fatigue?

We had a great time in Arkansas connecting with other helping professionals and delivering the Compassion Fatigue keynote. While on the Reconnecting to Purpose panel, one of the questions I was asked: Is there anything that can protect helping professionals from Compassion Fatigue? Although you've often heard me refer to Compassion Fatigue as the common cold of Helping Professionals, and there is a high likelihood of you “catching it” if you work in this profession, the answer is yes!! The keys are: Recognizing those subtle signs (irritability, apathy, hopelessness) Being mindful of overcommitting Consistently checking in with yourself to give your mind, body and spirit what it needs so that you have awareness of your energy levels throughout the day. Please don't wait until the weekend to "practice self care." You can do this daily and on the weekends for “Self-Care Sunday.” Now booking for fall workshops, click here to schedule a complimentary consultation.

To Your Health and Prosperity,


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