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Vitamin C Healing

Promoting Life Balance, Satisfaction & Fulfillment
  • Are you a helping professional, mental health leader, or entrepreneur?

  • Are you affiliated with an organization that employs social workers, mental health therapists, educators, case managers, and/or healthcare professionals? 

  • Do you consistently experience emotional exhaustion from helping traumatized clients or patients?

  • Do you have a difficult time disconnecting from the day while at home ?

  • Do you struggle with balancing and integrating your personal and
    professional life?

These are just some of the risk factors that place you or your organization at risk for compassion fatigue, the emotional distress or apathy resulting from the constant demands of caring for others and witnessing pain and trauma. It is a serious yet natural consequence of helping people who are experiencing pain and trauma.


The mission of Vitamin C Healing is Creating Calm Minds in the Workplace using a trauma sensitive and systems approach that prioritizes work-life balance and integration to mitigate the impact of Compassion Fatigue and Leadership Burnout.  


Vitamin C Healing, LLC is a service-based organization that enhances the emotional wellness of helping professionals, mental health leaders, and entrepreneurs struggling with self-care, work-life balance and integration, compassion fatigue and burnout through corporate workshops, assessments, consultations, group coaching, online courses, and workbooks

Vitamin C Healing's workshop facilitators are experienced professionals with expertise in compassion fatigue, burnout, trauma healing, mental health awareness and self-care for leaders and helping professionals.  Our facilitators utilize a trauma sensitive and systems approach to create a supportive work culture that prioritizes employee wellness, work life balance, and integration. 

Our services provide:

  • FOCUS to be in the moment and manage your energy.

  • CLARITY to declutter your mental, psychological, and emotional space to set healthier boundaries

  • BALANCE to enjoy the things and people that matter, hit the reset button after work, and experience life satisfaction and fulfillment

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Mon - Fri  8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Sat|Sun By Appt Only

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