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If you’re an organizational leader and looking to prevent Burn Out you have to make contact with Vitamin C Healing, LLC. She left no stone unturned, the information was heavy but necessary. Sharise is skilled and knowledgeable around this work and she kept our team engaged the entire time. 


Our team continues to reflect and discuss the material shared so that they can implement next steps for their personal and professional lives. 


Loleda Moman, Assistant Director Light of Life


Healthy Leaders, Healthy Organizations offers assessments, consulting, and workshops to support organizations by taking a systemic approach at the leader, team, and organizational level to combat leadership burnout. 

Assessments are available to evaluate the systemic impact of the 5 facets of the organization (Hierarchy, Boundaries, Roles and Responsibility, Patterns of Interaction, and Burnout) on leadership burnout and also to examine how the current organizational dynamics may be impacting employee satisfaction, fulfillment, and burnout. 

Workshops are available to create safe spaces that will increase organizational awareness about the systemic impact of emotional exhaustion, workplace stress, and leadership burnout. Leaders will learn how to build a foundation of self-awareness and self-compassion, recognize and honor their capacities and limitations, build psychological competencies to combat the workplace and life demands, and integrate their various roles to experience the work life satisfaction and fulfillment desired.

Consultations: Small group case consultations for community mental health and social service organizations.  Corporate consultations to improve the organizational dynamics and processes impacting service delivery, staff retention and burnout.  Community mental health and social service consultations to enhance the interviewing and hiring process. 

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