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How to Be Like a Q-Tip!

The shift in society from pandemic mode to post-pandemic has not been pretty. The lack of socialization or face to face interaction has caused a decline in our moods, etiquette, attention spans, expectations, and patience. Workers in sectors such as healthcare, educators, police officers, EMT’s, social workers, hospitality and service industries bear the brunt of societies grumpiness.

When interactions make you feel frustrated, angry, or upset, remember to be like a Q-tip which stands for “Don’t Take it Personally”. Easier said than done right? Use the following tips to keep your cool, stop internalizing and adding to your stress.

1. Change/Challenge your expectations. When we set too high of a standard, people will fail to meet those expectations leading to disappointment.

2. Extend empathy. When others are treating you poorly, consider the struggles they might be having.

3. Remind yourself that people will be the way they are whether you are there or not. The rude clerk or bad drive is going to be that way whether you are there or not.

4. Keep your power. When we react (emotionally or behaviorally) to the actions of others – and constantly take things very personally, we give away our power.

5. Recognize your own insecurities. Our own securities often play a large role in how (and how strongly) we react to the things other people say and do.

Until society readjusts to interacting in person with one another, remember to be the Q-Tip. You can also use the resources such as The Fullest Well to combat the negative attitudes and beliefs that can take over. Remember to share this information with anyone who might benefit from it.

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