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I have to be there for my clients

“I have to be there for my clients.”

“What will they do without me?”

I remember having these feelings. I remember having these beliefs. I remember being so convicted that I could not take a day of work off if I had clients scheduled, even at the expense of my own health…yup, the Compassion Fatigue Lady was THIS social worker and therapist!!

My message to any helping professional who struggles with the “I have to show up for my clients despite my well-being” belief is they made it this far without you. We become a big part of the problem when we do for and to them without allowing them the space to tap into their own strengths and make some mistakes while figuring things out.

Know your capacity. Honor your capacity. Learn to tolerate their reactions when setting those tough boundaries.❤

For additional support in navigating boundaries and self-compassion, click here for the 5 Pillars of Self-Care.

To Your Health and Prosperity,


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