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Mental Health and the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a profession! It is not some trend or hobby.

Something that doesn't get enough attention is the Mental Health of Entrepreneurs. The uncertainty that comes along with Entrepreneurship can create the perfect storm for Depression, Anxiety, and Burnout!

A couple of weeks ago, Catapult Greater Pittsburgh trusted me to facilitate a workshop for one of their cohorts on the topic of Mental Health and the Entrepreneur. We laughed, shared experiences, ate well, and learned in the moment strategies to tolerate the stressors that come with this profession.

Usually, these workshops are reserved for organizations, however we’ve received quite a few inquiries and have decided to open up the Refocusing Your Entrepreneurial Vision: Strategies for Tolerating Stress, Overcoming Anxiety and Avoiding Burnout workshop to the community in September.

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To Your Health and Prosperity,


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