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Preventing Compassion Fatigue through Organizational Support

I often share information and resources on how individual healers can prevent and manage compassion fatigue. However, organizations play an equally crucial role in this process.


Before offering any tips, it's essential for organizations to address systemic issues contributing to compassion fatigue, such as high staff turnover, poor work-life balance, or inadequate resources. Tackling these issues fosters a healthier work environment. The most counterproductive approach is to hire a workshop facilitator to address systemic problems with individual self-care strategies.

Once the foundation is set, here are additional preventive measures organizations can take:


- Ensure manageable workloads to prevent burnout and reduce the risk of compassion fatigue.

- Provide training and resources to help employees manage the emotional demands of their job, including stress management, boundary-setting, and communication skills.

- Supervisors should regularly check in with employees, listen to their concerns, and offer support and guidance.


While compassion fatigue is a reality in the helping profession, it doesn't have to define your organization.


Don't wait for compassion fatigue to take its toll. Contact us for staff and organizational support.


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