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Fatigue Expert

Compassion Stress Cycle

Learn the inner workings of the Compassion Stress Cycle and how to combat it.


You did not take an oath of exhaustion, burnout, or compassion fatigue when you chose the helping profession. You can do the work you love while serving from a full well of compassion and rejuvenation. Learn the inner workings of the Compassion Stress Cycle and how to treat it.

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Global Speaker, Award Winning and Serial Author, and Entrepreneur.

I’m Sharise Nance,  owner and founder of Vitamin C Healing,  and I help organizations prevent Leadership Burnout and Compassion Fatigue using a trauma sensitive and systems approach to create a supportive work culture that prioritizes work life balance and integration.


The #1 thing I hear about from both helping professionals and leaders struggling with Compassion Fatigue and burnout is Overwhelm.


You’re overwhelmed because:


  • You’re in “survival mode” working long hours and spending all your time managing task after task.

  • You mindlessly move from task to task, session to session and appointment to appointment  without taking a pause to reset.

There’s more demand than you or your team can realistically meet.

"After working in the social work and mental health profession for over 2 decades, it became clear to me that compassion fatigue was comparable to the common cold. Helping people navigate their psychosocial stressors, mental health conditions, and trauma makes you prone to catching it. Compassion Fatigue and Burnout may be A reality in the helping profession but it doesn't have to be YOUR reality ."


~Sharise Nance

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Building solutions, success stories and transformation for:

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Compassion Fatigue

Knowledge is power, Awareness is the first step in overcoming compassion fatigue. Sharise has created a variety of resources for people who are feeling burned out or are worried about someone they love who may be experiencing the impact of this condition.

“Helping doesn’t have to hurt and empathy doesn’t have to be exhausting. You can do the work you love from a full well of rejuvenation."

What is Compassion Fatigue?

The deep physical and emotional exhaustion that causes a pronounced change in the healer's ability to have empathy for their clients, loved ones and colleagues. 

What are the symptoms?

People who are experiencing compassion fatigue may notice emotional exhaustion, depression, or even physical reactions like headaches, nausea, chest pain, muscle tension, or irritable bowel syndrome. They may find themselves withdrawing from their friends and family members.

Who does this impact?

Social Workers | Mental Health Therapists| Case Workers | School Officials | Caregivers | Health Care Professionals | Police Officers | EMT Workers | Child Protective Service Workers

How is this treated?

Practicing self-care -prioritizing sleep, movement and nutrition, connecting with your values, setting healthy boundaries, practicing self-compassion, taking a break from listening to disturbing stories by turning off the news or avoiding drama in social media posts. It can also help to talk about your feelings with trusted friends or even seek professional counseling if needed.

Stress Cycle

To combat the Compassion Stress Cycle:

Healers will learn the The C.A.L.M framework which focuses on building psychological competencies to master the demands of work and life.


Through interactive activities, self reflection, and relaxation techniques, healers will explore The 5 Pillars of Self-Care to help them build a foundation of self-awareness, self-compassion and self-soothing strategies to use in the moment during emotionally charged interactions.  


Our Compassion Fatigue resources, including the signature workshop "When Helping Hurts: Understanding the Impact of Compassion Fatigue," are designed to support healers in combating the widespread issue of compassion fatigue. These resources help professionals build resilience and protect themselves from this "common cold" of the helping profession, allowing them to continue their vital work with renewed energy and a full well of emotional resources.

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Let us help your staff make the shift from Compassion Fatigue to Compassion Fulfillment



  • University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work

  • Multnomah County

“The Compassion Fatigue training was one of the best trainings that I had in a long time. The information was very useful and practical, the presentation was excellent, and the tips and strategies are jewels that I will keep and use for a long time. I would highly recommend.” -A. Gressem

A few of the clients we’ve worked with include:

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

  • Woodland Hills School District


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