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The Fullest Well: From Fatigue to Fulfillment

  • Do you consistently work long hours?

  • Do you consistently experience emotional exhaustion from helping traumatized clients or patients?

  • Do you minimize any signs of distress, ailment, or illness you experience?

  • Are you an employer or manager witnessing decreased productivity, increased absences, high turnover and overall low morale amongst your staff?

These are just some of the risk factors that place you and/or your organization at risk for Compassion Fatigue, The emotional strain of working/empathizing with those suffering from traumatic events.


What is the Fullest Well?

The Fullest Well: From Fatigue to Fulfillment is a 3 hour self-paced online course that offers an eclectic and systemic approach to helping professionals at risk for Compassion Fatigue, Secondary Trauma and Vicarious Trauma from empathizing with people suffering from traumatic events.  The course was created to help the healers build a foundation of self-compassion and self-awareness to use in the moment strategies to recover from secondary trauma.

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