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5 Things that changed the trajectory of my speaking business

The speaking business can be a tricky one. But I’ve found that it’s the small changes that can have the biggest impact.

Maybe this tips will help you along your journey. 1. Investing in the growth of my speaking business: One of my favorite quotes “it costs before it pays” applies here. Again, you can’t expect to charge premium prices for your services but you aren’t willing to invest in premium services to grow you and your speaking business. 2. Niche specialization: By specializing in a specific niche (Compassion Fatigue) I was able to target my speaking engagements more effectively and increase the likelihood of success. 3. Enhancing my Messaging: Being more intentional with my content across all platforms (social media, website, email marketing) to speak to and connect with the needs and wants of my audience. This requires building relationships (see tip 5) 4. Online presence: In 2023, we know that having an online presence exposes you to people across the globe. Posting meaningful, engaging, and consistent content on social media increases your visibility and positions you as a thought leader in your industry. Having a professional website also made it easier for potential customers to find me, research my services, and contact me. An online presence can help you to track and measure analytics related to your speaking business, helping you to identify which strategies and content are most successful. 5. Building relationships: The biggest asset in any business is the relationships we build. Get to know your audience. How does the problem you solve impact them? What are their fears? What are their challenges? How can you help them? If you are just getting started on your speaking journey or feeling stuck about how much to charge for speaking engagements, I invite you to join us for our live webinar The Art of Charging Your Worth Thursday April 27 6pm Click here to reserve your slot

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