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Are We All Pushing Ourselves Too Hard?

We are only a few short weeks into a new year, so why do we feel run down, behind schedule or overwhelmed. No matter how hard we try to catch up, it never seems to happen. Everyday a new challenge pulls us in another direction. Instead of taking a step back, we push ourselves even harder. How do we return to the nights of watching movies in the evenings instead of falling asleep as soon as we sit down or stop moving?

Here are 5 ways to put things back in perspective and start enjoying your life outside of work again: 1. Learn to walk away – allowing work to take over your life is unhealthy. Give yourself a set time for work and stick to it. 2. Prioritize and work smarter, not harder – Adjust your workload to work fewer hours. Select a number of reasonable tasks that you can accomplish in an eight-hour day. Delegate, if necessary, the tasks that don’t require your expertise or attention. 3. Unplug during lunch and breaks – No more eating at your desk. The best thing you can do for yourself is to detach from your work during breaks and lunch and stop sitting all day. 4. Take care of yourself – Eat, sleep and exercise regularly. Your body needs fuel to keep functioning optimally, giving you the physical and mental strength to focus on what’s really important. 5. Adopt a new hobby or activity – schedule time in your day for fun, even if it’s only for 10 to 15 minutes. Hopefully it is something you can do with family or friends. For anyone who feels like they are in quicksand without a rope, please visit I understand you’re human and not a machine. We have limited energy, concentration, and hours in a day. Use the resources on my website to go from a place of depletion, hopelessness, panic and guilt to joy, clarity, peace and satisfaction.

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