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Have you heard of the Zealot phase?

If you are in the helping profession or employ anyone in the helping profession you want to pay attention to this! We enter the helping profession because we want to help. Sometimes we help without recognizing or honoring our mental and emotional capacities. This boundless help places us at risk for Compassion Fatigue- the emotional exhaustion from providing excessive empathy to others and not enough to ourselves. Did you know that there is a trajectory for Compassion Fatigue? It begins with the Zealot phase also known as the “I’ll do it Phase.”

In this phase helpers are overly committed, involved, and available. We are willing and ready to go the extra mile. You’re probably thinking,”so wHat’S the ProBLeM?” or “I wISh I HaD mORe EMploYeeS liKE tHIs!” While these qualities sound great, the problem is often helpers new to jobs and professions may need protection from themselves. Can anyone last in any job mindlessly empathizing with traumatized people with an “I'll do it all” mentality? I know I’ve tried and it nearly resulted in me leaving the profession. Don’t wait for the common cold of Compassion Fatigue to run its course through all the phases. Being proactive is the best way for us to build an immunity against Compassion Fatigue. Contact us to discuss how we can help support your staff before they get to this phase Click here for the When Helping Hurts: Compassion Fatigue

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