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How Do I Recharge?

I’m often asked “How do you recharge?” “What do YOU do to take care of yourself?”

Excellent and appropriate questions. I can't be using my platform promoting self-care and not be a living example. While I remain a work in progress and continue to learn my in the moment and day to day self-care needs, I thought it may be helpful to share how I recharge daily.

Each day, especially after engaging in any activity that is physically, ,mentally or emotionally taxing, I check in with myself using my 5 Pillars of Self-Care:

Are my basic Self-Care needs met?

Which of my core-value based self-care activities do I need to engage in?

Am I honoring my boundaries? Have my boundaries been violated?

How can I give myself some grace?

How can I activate the relaxation response?

I try to be intentional about doing this throughout my day.

Yes it’s work, and IT WORKS.

No matter your profession or career path, you can't be a top performer if you don't feel well.

If in need of more in depth resourcing, strategies and regimens, click here for the 5 Pillars of Self-Care Ebook.

To Your Health and Prosperity,


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