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Lessons from My Father

As many of you are aware, my father died last month from COVID-19 and we celebrated his life with a socially distanced homegoing service on New Year’s Eve.

Reflecting on the 40 years I was blessed with a great man that GOD chose to be my father, I wanted to share a few lessons that have helped me overcome adversity and stay true to my values.

Three Lessons from My Father:

Put family first: I remember my father telling me “it’s a cold world outside of these doors.” The therapist in me will not analyze this statement 😊 My father loved his family, worked hard for his family and was intentional about trying to make sure we stayed connected. While some of us may have conflictual, complicated, or even estranged relationships with some family members; taking time to connect, reconnect, resolve conflict, and strengthen bonds with our loved ones can be healing.

Take care of yourself: My father suffered from Type 2 Diabetes for years. I witnessed him struggle to fully embrace a lifestyle that would contain this chromic illness. Our bodies are our temples, health is wealth, and we cannot be top performers if we do not feel well. Make all aspects of your health a priority.

Save your money and work smarter: I smile as I remember my father saying, “I can’t sleep if my money isn’t right.” He would also frequently ask “Are you saving your money Sharise Marie?” One of the most important conversations we had was nearly 8 years ago when my business partner and I opened HandinHand Counseling Services. He encouraged me to reflect on the way I thought about running a business based on his successes and failures. My takeaways from his wisdom were to prepare for unforeseen circumstances that may take me away from my business and to learn everything about my business before hiring anyone.

I hope you found these lessons helpful. I also want to thank you all for your outpouring support, compassion, and empathy during this trying time.

May 2021 be much kinder to all of us.

To Your Health and Prosperity,


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