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My Independence Day

Today marks 5 years that I left my full time job to pursue full time entrepreneurship!!

7.7.17 will forever feel like my day of professional independence and freedom. On this day, I took the leap and believed something that I created with my good friend and business partner Tess as well as a concept my husband and I created could grow into something that would impact lives globally and allow us to live comfortably.

As I was reading some of my journal entries from 6-months-1 year into this journey, three words that I used often were “Hard as %*^$!” Hard as %(& AND loving what you do can both be true.

Five lessons that have come out of this Five year journey:

1, Full time entrepreneurship begins with a mindset. Commit to commitments. Have a daily agreement with yourself. Hold you accountable.

2. Build genuine relationships. Don’t try to do it all alone. You can try but you won’t get very far.

3. Most setbacks are opportunities for growth

4. The “finish line” is when and where you place it. You can move as fast or slow as you desire.

5. I learned to give myself grace when I understood that I wasn't going to undo over 20 years of a way of thinking in a couple years.

Remember, slow progress IS progress. It's your day to day actions that will influence your future.

I’d like to celebrate my independence day with you by sharing some of my services that can help you along your wellness and/or entrepreneurial journey! Click here to preview services. Use coupon code myjourney22 at checkout:

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