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Take A Pause

Stress is the ultimate energy and well being killer for individuals AND organizations

If you are a human with a pulse, you will experience stress at least daily. Transitioning between tasks, activities, appointments, work to home evokes stress. Most of us are too busy to realize the impact of these transitions on our nervous systems. Most of us have learned to cope with stress through avoidance, altering our environment (making changes to our schedules) or through adapting to the stressors (healthy and unhealthy).

Acute stress goes away when the stressor goes away (speaking engagements, interviews, taking a test). This form of stress can be healthy when experienced in moderation and short-lived. However, when acute stress does not end, it turns into chronic stress.

Our bodies were designed to only experience stress during short periods of time when it is facing a specific threat (listening to traumatic stories, fear of attack). Constantly being in a state of fight, flight and/or freeze causes ourmind to constantly be on guard and this chronic stress can cause high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Release stress before transitioning to the next activity through movement (stretching, walking), yelling in a pillow, hum or sing your favorite song, meditation.

If you’d like additional support for your staff, let’s chat about our corporate Take A Pause Mindfulness Meditation series that creates a safe, calm and relaxing space to invite staff to prioritize taking a pause during the day to release stress and prioritize their mental and emotional health.

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To Your Health and Prosperity,


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