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Triggering the Relaxation Response

In our 5 Pillars of Self-Care framework, the 5th Pillar is Recovery. Recovery is not something that we can neglect and try to fit in our busy schedules when it’s convenient for us.

As someone experiencing recovery from burnout, I’ve learned recovery is a practice we must be intentional about everyday, if not every moment. Recovery practices are even more imperative if you are helping other people process trauma, engaging in intense exercise regimens, or experiencing any type of stress. By the way, if you are a human, you do experience stress. So I think this covers everyone. Recovery practices may include: Taking moments throughout the day to pause, breathwork, meditation, journaling, debriefing with a trusted friend, colleague, supervisor, coach, mentor, resting, movement. Let’s make sure we are consistently incorporating recovery in our daily practices and promoting it within our organizations. If your organization is struggling with how to promote burnout recovery practices, click here to contact us for additional support.

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