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When the World Feels Overwhelming

Have the feeling our world is screwed? The violence, greed, hatred, and straight up-stupidity are terrifying and depleting. What happens when people are constantly surrounded by negativity? The negativity begins pulling you under and seeping into your mind, body, and soul. Stealing your joy and positivity and replacing them with negative thoughts, fatigue, crankiness, depression, anxiety, and a feeling of overwhelm.

Whether we are hurting because of our own problems or from witnessing the pain of others, we must learn to stop focusing on what’s painful in our lives. Replacing the bad stuff in our minds with more good stuff and positive emotions like happiness or awe. This doesn’t mean ignoring the pain, instead we are just listening with love and acceptance. Use the daily activity of GEIA to have focus, clarity, and balance.

Gratitude: One thing you are grateful for (no matter how small)

Embrace: Once act of self-care you willingly embrace

Intention: One action you can take (small or large)

Affirmations: One positive statement that you can repeat and believe in

Life is a gift that we get to create, reinvent, and live to the fullest of our abilities. Shifting our perception is an amazing tool to use when overcoming scary, exhausting, and overwhelming days. Please remember, you are not alone. Mental wellness resources and help are available at

To Your Health and Prosperity,


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